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1412 W. Illinois, Midland, Texas 79701

Our Church

bell tower

Holy Trinity has long been a landmark on Illinois Street. The bell tower is our mark on the landscape. The Rose Window is a beacon and the heavy wooden doors symbolize a wide open door of welcome. The church architectural style could be considered as traditional- contemporary/gothic. Gothic in the dark wood and pointed arch windows and the design of the altar rail. Rough hewn beams span the ceiling, crisscrossing in the nave in the style of the inverted ship. The nave with the transepts creates the cross. The sanctuary is filled with rich wood with the traditional altar and reredos, crowned with the magnificent organ pipes. The worship atmosphere is reverent. The adjoining buildings all blend into the original design and the parish hall is warm and inviting.

The church grounds, over 5 acres, consist of five buildings. The main building is comprised of the Nave, Parish Hall (including full kitchen), sacristies, vesting rooms, various choir rooms and administrative offices. Adjoining the main building is the children’s chapel, bookstore and education wing with Sunday school rooms. Also included is a separate education wing comprised of St. Francis Hall, various nurseries, Preschool and Children’s Day Out, a separate youth house, and a separate arts studio for spiritual renewal and creativity, Nancy's Place for a total of almost 45,000 square feet.

We are especially proud of the spectacular collection of stained glass windows. There are twenty primary stained glass windows in Holy Trinity. Except for the Rose window, the windows depict the life of Christ from The Annunciation, Nativity, There Came Three Wiseman, The Presentation, Family in Egypt, Child Jesus in the Temple, Baptism, Calling of the Disciple, The Miracle, The Last Supper, The Passion as well as symbols of The Redeemer, Creator, Holy Spirit, Baptism and Communion. Four Gospel windows were added during our latest expansion in 2004 created by IHS Studios of Fredericksburg.

To support our music program, Holy Trinity is fortunate to have a pipe organ, grand piano, and a harpsichord. The organ built in 1975 by B.L. Gibson in Little Rock, includes thirteen stops, twenty-two ranks and a modern, quality pipe-work with approximately 1400 pipes supplied by A.R. Schopps and others. In 1989 the Console was built in by Abbott and Seeker, and includes Rosewood natural keys, Maple sharps and Pakkaw wood tilting tablets and Manual pistons. A Richard Kingston handcrafted harpsichord was donated in 2002 by the David Morrow family.


Our Purpose

Since 1910, our primary purpose has remained the same: to provide opportunities for people to deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our more specific mission is simple but dramatic: Sharing the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ with all people. Our ministries are guided and directed by this mission, while at the same time appreciating that each person is on his or her own journey of faith. Wherever people are in their journey, we encourage them to participate at a level that is comfortable for them.

Our vision is by living in the Spirit, Holy Trinity will grow the body of Christ by teaching the Christian Foundation, seeking and doing God's work in the world, and showing forth the fruits of the spirit.

Our Statement of Faith

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity bases its beliefs on the Holy Bible as the true inspired Word of God and on the traditional Anglican foundation. We express our faith in the words of the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed, and hold to the teachings of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

rose stain glass