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Member Information

Our Vestry

Members of the Vestry, the church's governing body, are elected by the congregation and share in the spiritual leadership and vision of the parish as well as set and monitor policies to ensure the faithful and responsible care of Holy Trinity. Vestry subcommittees, such as Fiscal Affairs Committee and Every Member Canvas, are chaired by a vestry member and run by Holy Trinity members. Vestry members include: Rick Glasscock, Senior Warden; Robbie Sheppard, Junior Warden; Kay Arrell, Clerk; Gretchen Bakke, Ann Bates, Joanie Holt, Fred Newman, Sarah O'Leary, Don Olive, John Staub, Robert Stewart and Fred Westmoreland.

Our Council System

The Councils provide a means for lay leadership and are basically the "vestry" of activities. The Council System helps to keep our focus in the right direction, empower us all as Lay Ministers of Christ, maximizes our effectiveness as disciples and organizes and improves communication. The Councils and Rector work together to provide a smoothly run, supportive, functional, well balanced, active Parish. All Parish activity (with certain specific exceptions) operates under the supervision of the Councils. Each committee or activity should fall under one or more of the three Councils: Education, Liturgy and Worship, and Membership and Community. Exceptions to this are: Vestry, Fiscal Affairs Committee, Every Member Canvass Committee, Long Range Planning Committee and any other special or temporary committee which operates directly under the Vestry or Rector.


Children's Day Out (CDO)

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Amazingly, this program has been around for over 20 years! This past year we received our state licensing which allows us to offer 5-days a week during the regular school year for the Preschool classrooms and Tuesday and Thursday for those children 6 months of age to two years. We service children from six months of age through Preschool Four during the fall and spring and through 3rd Grade during our eight-week summer program. Our current hours are 8:30am – 2:30pm during the school year and 9am-3pm in the summer.

Our summer program is theme-based with a focus on fun and friends with an educational twist slipped in. This program has been full for the last three years with several children on a waiting list. We are able to have up to 120 children ranging in age from 6 months to 3rd grade during the summer. The children always have such a fun time with this eight-week adventure. 

The vision for our school year program is to have a safe place for parents to bring their children a couple of days a week in order to build social skills while playing with other children and strengthen those educational blocks, through monthly themes, that will take them into their school years.  Contact: Stephanie Barnett

Holy Trinity Membership Process

In order to be considered a member of Holy Trinity, here are some things that you can do:

1. Let us know you want to join our congregation. That will a) place you on the mailing list for newsletters and other information; b) get you into our annual Parish Directory published each January; c) place you in a neighborhood flock.

2. If you belonged to another Episcopal church, we will need a Letter of Transfer. Please provide the address of your previous church and the name of a contact person.

3. Tell us if you’ve been baptized and confirmed, or if you want either of these sacraments.

4. Your baptism and confirmation dates will be helpful to us, if you can provide those.

5. Confirmation has historically been considered an important part of being Episcopalian (as is true in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran denominations). We have classes each year to prepare people for confirmation. Please let us know if you want to participate.

Call the Parish Office, 683-4207, to give us the information for these items.

Above all—we're glad you're here and we welcome you into this part of the household of God!

Membership updates

It is important to keep us up-to-date with your current address, phone number and e-mail address and any other important information.  Please take the time and help us update our records to communicate with you better.

Please send any updates call 432.683.4207